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The Pinellas County Market Place, serving Oldsmar, East Lake, Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs and Safety Harbor. Your one-stop-shop for business listings, restaurant menus, discount coupons, classified ads, garage sales directory, and job opportunities.

If you do business in Pinellas County , you should advertise with the Pinellas County Market Place. For a limited time only you will have a prime opportunity to showcase your business to the residents of North Pinellas County at no cost to you . Yes, you get to advertise for free. But hurry, this offer will end without prior notice.

Of course, there are many other directories in and around Tampa Bay available. Our research showed that the majority of them just relabel an existing widespread regional directory to give it a local touch. Pinellas247.com is truly a local directory that services local businesses and residents. The internet has evolved. One size doesn’t fit all anymore. Focus your advertising spending to the market that will most likely be your customers; the local residents.

These are some benefits of listing your business with Pinellas247.com:

  • Restaurants

    • Online menus. Great for take out or catering.
    • Online maps. Show your customers where you're located.

  • Retail Stores

    • Display a price list of your best selling products or current sales.
    • Put your name in front of thousands of visitors and increase your profits.

  • Car Dealerships

    • Post your inventory. Give customers the information they need.
    • Faster than newspaper ads and bigger reach for more customers.

  • Contractors / Handyman

    • Post your services and have previous customers write about their experience to build trust.
    • The perfect way to build a reputation and attract more clients.

  • All Businesses

    • Complete listing with contact information and location map.

    • Create your own coupons to attract more customers. This feature is more powerful than traditional printed coupons. Your coupons are available 24/7 and not just in one mail delivery. Just calculate the extensive savings compared to traditional hard-copy coupons.

    • We will be responsible to promote the web site of Pinellas247.com to the local community. Our extensive experience with web design enables us to generate enough daily traffic to create a win-win situation for everybody.
  • North Pinellas Residents

    • Find your local businesses faster.

    • Use coupons for local business to get a price break. Don't waste your coupon savings in fuel charges.

This website is very easy to use. As a visitor use the navigation menu on left upper corner. If you want to place an ad or list your business, simply register and  login and you're good to go.

For a limited time only, most services are free of charge. Take advantage and get ahead of your competition and list your business today.










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