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Reward Point offer on Buy Online Grocery Products at Samtogshop.com
Samtogshop is one of the best online grocery store in Germany, it provides all kinds of fresh and healthy foods as well as many others grocery products with Affordable Price.
Samtogshop also offer best Reward Point Program, when you register as a customer every product you buy earns your points to spend on anything in store as well as other special opportunities toward making purchases on our website. You can use point to money your future purchase or whatever you decide to redeem it will bring for you even more fun and advantages.

How to Earn Reward Point:

Earn points for registering as a member. Earn points for every euro you spend. Earn points for every "Honest" product review you submit. Earn points for every recommended friends or family.

How to redeem Points:

During the checkout process members will be prompted to indicate how many points they would like to use against their new purchase. They can choose to use all, some, or none of the accrued points. The current minimum Reward Point balance for redemption is 50 Points. Reward points can be lost or made un-redeemable by fake behavior on this site, and are a privilege that can be revoked at any time at the sole judgment of Samtog Shop.

Key Factors of Reward Point Program:

You will receive a discount of 1.00 for every 50 points used on future orders.

Redeem your points as euro value off the next purchase of your choice

Build up as many points as you want, you decide when to redeem.

There is no limit to the number of products or shopping cart value.

Redeem at any time with no blackout dates.

You can save your time and money

Samtogshop provide you ease in communication and convenient access for latest news, places and food. We are also an online store where we have an array of items from food stuffs, cooking ingredients, snacks, kitchen supplies and many more we have it online.

About Author:

Samtogshop is best Online Grocery Store in Germany. We offer Reward Point Program, Quality and fresh Foods such as Rice, Sweets & Snacks, Ayurveda and Indian Liquor etc. for further details of our company visit us at our website: http://www.samtogshop.com

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