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Please contact us to report charity, little league or other non-profit events. We will be happy to feature your event on our website.

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The Pinellas Directory

Pinellas County Businesses, check our new pricing
structure and the FREE listing option. We are determined to help you in these tough economic times.

NEW - We just cut the prices again.
Basic business listings are FREE.

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We offer some unique features that sets us apart from other similar websites. Please take your time and explore the features of our services. Business owners, please read more about the benefits of listing your business with Pinellas247.com.


Pinellas Market Place offers FREE classified ad listings, FREE real estate listings and FREE car sales listings. This is the best deal in town and you should check it out today. Pinellas County Market Place is a high traffic website with top rankings in all major search engines. You won't get a better exposure of your for sale items than with Pinellas County Market Place.

Just Added: The economy is bad and we want to help. If you're looking for work, got to our job listing page and post your information. This is another free service to help where we can.

This website is very easy to use. As a visitor use the navigation menu on left upper corner. If you want to place an ad or list your business, simply register and login and you're good to go.

We proudly serve our community with great services like;

Restaurant Menues Online Restaurant Menus

  • Browse the menus of your favorite restaurants in Pinellas County. Great for take out orders or planing a catering event. Try this for you next business lunch.

Free Classified Ads FREE Classified Ads

  • Want to get rid of this old lamp in your attic? List as many items for free as you like. These ads are reaching the right audience.

Real Estate Listings FREE Real Estate Listings

  • Need to sell your home? List it with us. It's the ideal real estate advertising for do-it-yourself home sellers. This is the best way to find affordable Pinellas County real estate.

Coupons Coupons to Your Favorite Local Business

  • Search our database for coupons to your favorite business. Get rewarded for shopping locally.

Free Garage Sale Listings FREE Garage Sale Listings

  • Need more space? Move out sale? Springs cleaning sale? No matter what kind of garage sale you have, list it with us for free. Our real time map will give exact directions to your garage sale. This works not only for Pinellas County, but for any location in North America.

Free Car Sale Listings FREE Car Sales Listings

  • List your car for sale for FREE. This is your opportunity to put your for sale sign in front of thousands of readers.

Pinellas County Jobs Job Fair

  • Visit our 24/7 job fair. Local businesses in Pinellas County are looking for help. Employers can place open positions for FREE. This is our contribution to jump start the economy.

Forums Meet Your Neighbors

  • Join our forum and get in touch with the people in your community. Share experiences and ask questions. This is a great place to recommend other businesses and to learn about other people's experience with certain businesses in your community.

Please bookmark (press CTRL-D) this page and return frequently. We are constantly adding new content. Users and businesses are placing new ads and coupons. You can see that this could turn into a big money saver for you.



Pinellas County Market Place is serving Oldsmar, East Lake, Safety Harbor and Palm Harbor. As we grow we will include more communities like Tarpon Springs, Dunedin and Crystal Beach as well as an extension to the Gulf Beaches. Pinellas247.com will become the meeting place for your community in Pinellas County.

No matter if you just moved to our great community or if you have lived here forever. Pinellas247.com is dedicated to bring you the information you're looking for. No time consuming searches on the Internet. You are looking for local information? We bring you local information with the convenience access you expect.

Please visit our User's Guide for more information about how to use our services. All the basic advertising and classified services are free of charge.

If you own a business in Pinellas County and want to offer your services to our visitors. Check out our reasonable fee schedule. Unlike other listing services we offer month-to-month listing fees. This will keep your advertising budget at a minimum and greatly enhances your business by offering your service to the right audience.

The Local Community.

This listing service is fully automated. You have full control over what you want to list and when you want to list it. 24/7 access to your listings is guaranteed.

If you need to get in touch with us please use our contact form or call our 24 hrs. message service at 1-866-202-6071 ext. 9.

We hope you enjoyed your visit.

Come see us again.


Here are more services Pinellas247.com is offering. These services are free of charge and available 24/7. Take your time and check them out.

  • Don't leave the house before you check your local weather covering Pinellas County and beyond.
  • Make your opinion count, vote in our latest Poll.






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